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I’m inspired by the physical world around me and its reminder that we are all part of a life cycle and systems that are bigger than us. It grounds us as humans. The seasons are the embodiment of this concept. The arrival of spring after winter’s dormancy and its neutral palette awaken one’s soul to hope and the color of life. Botanicals – seeds, germination, plants, blooms and flowers -- these thoughts were all in my head in January when I started concepts for the new collection. My influences continue to come from the fusion of Asian and Scandinavian aesthetics. Keeping things balanced and in harmony the, yin and yang of life -- understated yet dramatic, neutral yet rich, simple yet complex. I’m always looking for hidden, unexpected things which will take our clothing to another level. As a small atelier we are lucky to be guided by our passions – and this spring and summer it’s about the bloom of life!