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About Us

Nish Niche is a small, contemporary atelier designing sophisticated and timeless clothes in the heart of New York City. We make small batch, limited production pieces so everything sold is a unique piece of art. As a result of our process our collections embody our passion for creating stand-out pieces that are luxurious, easy-to-wear and enduring. Everything is manufactured in NYC and fabrics are imported from Japan and Italy.

We have created a unique niche of clothing and accessories that fuse together our love of Asian and Scandinavian aesthetics. Asia’s rich, colorful history and gorgeous textiles are complementary with the Scandinavian approach to design – minimal, elegant and pure. Our choice in fabrics from typewriter cotton to organic silk, allows us to design with elegant details and use both modern and ancient techniques. This combination makes our silhouettes effortless, sophisticated with universal appeal - something for everyone. The fit is relaxed so easy to wear and good for all ages!

These are just a few of the things we do to make sure that each and every piece is something we’ve put our hearts and souls into before sending them out into the world.

About Nisha

Nisha Inalsingh, the founder and creative director of Nish Niche, was born in Trinidad and spent a majority of her life working in fashion in NYC producing shoots, fashion shows and events. She also wrote, produced and directed the Icelandic documentary, Huldufolk 102, before launching the Nish Niche line in 2021. She has traveled extensively driven by her curiosity and love for other cultures and the beauty of the world we all share. 


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