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Nish Niche emerged in the spring of 2021 one year after cocooning during the pandemic. This first collection, Chrysalis, represents the culmination of years in the fashion industry and a personal vision borne from this difficult time.

We are a small, artisanal studio based in NYC that manufactures everything across the Hudson River. We are focused on creating tasteful, understated clothing with unique design elements. The dresses are easy-to-wear and comfortable for women of all sizes and are meticulously designed to create a level of sophistication that is timeless. Our pieces take time to create and are truly works of thoughtful consideration and passion. Our philosophy is simple - modern, thoughtful design for discerning women.

We take our inspiration from the world we live in - the earth, humans and our collective imagination. As the world reopens we hope everyone keeps evolving into something beautiful and unique - creating their own niche!

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Business Address: 71 Broadway New York, NY 10006,United States